Towards the complete tale out of Teacher Herouni’s breakthroughs in the Carahunge, have a look at blog post below from the Armenia Now journalist Gayane Mkrtchyan

Towards the complete tale out of Teacher Herouni’s breakthroughs in the Carahunge, have a look at blog post below from the Armenia Now journalist Gayane Mkrtchyan

Primarily simply because of the fool around with given that a period of time marker, the celebs becoming very around the northern celestial pole it disperse almost no all over years. Then there is the standing toward Milky Ways, where exactly that it starry load bifurcates to create what’s understood due to the fact Cygnus Crack or Ebony Crack. Universally, this particular area of one’s heavens has been discovered due to the fact part away from accessibility on the air-industry, plus a place off cosmic delivery and death. That often the newest identity ones birds corresponded having the way the famous people of Cygnus was basically portrayed from inside the local mythologies – an excellent falcon during the Egypt, a good vulture with the Euphrates and an excellent swan inside Hellenic Greece and you will Chicken.

I am not amazed you to definitely Carahunge is actually aligned to help you Cygnus, though it is always enjoyable whenever a person’s concepts receive in order to end up being genuine. I also believe there’s a whole lot more to know about the new primitive opinions of one’s proto Armenians, and just how it stored correct age-old philosophy one to returned as high as Palaeolithic moments.

It was plus the lay where in fact the souls of lifeless flew from the afterlife, very often followed by, or in the form of, an effective bird, seen as an effective psychopomp , a spirit provider

Professor Herouni possess had written a text of their findings in respect so you can Carahunge. Named ARMENIANS And you can Old ARMENIA “, it provides compelling research this particular impressive megalithic site of over two hundred condition rocks dispersed across eight hectacres, try developed and you can utilized by a sophisticated society. The publication provides an in depth explanation out of how stone memorial really works as the an astronomical observatory, and demonstrates to you its framework because the base section from Armenia and you can Armenian records.

A different sort of guide claims you to Armenia’s Carahunge observatory is actually proof the fresh world’s oldest society. Scientist and you may radio physicist Paris Herouni argues in “Armenians and Old Armenia” that an enhanced society existed for the Armenia seven,five hundred years back. Herouni, a scholar away from Radiotechnical Agency away from Moscow Strength Institute has actually 350 published scientic functions, also monographs and you will 23 patents. Since the 2000 he or she is a member of the group “Men and women to Anybody Ambassador” Us, which includes 30 better scientists worldwide.

Herouni, 72, says that he wasn’t trying to get glory or change records along with his publication, penned for the . Owing to conscientious analysis, he states, the guy attained the end that the stone system at the Carahunge are evidence that Armenia’s civilization predates the latest Egyptians and you may Sumerians of the 2,five hundred many years.

“You will find astonishing buildings globally – this new pyramids out of Egypt, Stonehenge, wonderful temples inside Southern American rainforests, which have been created at least six-15,one hundred thousand years back. That are its writers? The nation doesn’t learn,” he says.

I believe you to in years ahead we shall come across an effective much more regarding the cult of your swan, and its particular relationship to the first air-religions of one’s old business

“Boffins discover that all those may be the result of a beneficial set-up people, nonetheless they don’t know in which one society came from. That it publication gives a response: Carahunge teaches you that seven,500 years ago Armenians possessed a reliable and extensive training. It understood the Environment try bullet, realized its models. It realized that the Planet is spinning doing its axis, together with regulations of your direction of the cone-molded axis, also known as precession.”

From year to year once the 1994 Herouni enjoys structured scientific outings from the his very own bills to analyze Carahunge, which is mainly based nearby the city of Sisian, 2 hundred kilometers south-east regarding Yerevan. It is comprised of hundreds of vertically position stones from and therefore 223 was basically numerated from the Herouni’s medical expedition. Ones, 84 rocks have holes calculating 4-5 centimeters from inside the diameter and wishing properly, directing in different rules. Carahunge contains 80 stone telescopic devices, with preserved their accuracy. Herouni says that you could utilize them for works right now.