All of the bribed media, again singing from the right wing song book, is calling America a split nation

All of the bribed media, again singing from the right wing song book, is calling America a split <a href=""><img decoding="async" src="" alt=""></a> nation

All the right can do is scream bloody murder

Don’t believe it. If you consider the cheating the Republicans did and the lies they told people I would think the real number of those who want to see the destruction of this fair minded America to continue probably falls below 40%. And many in that number were just selling out America for the money. Money first, Country second just like our illegal PM, Herr Harper. The President of the USA has huge powers but many in that Office have been reluctant to use those powers. Obama came to Office in 2008 seeking compromise with the Republican. They just spat in his face. The President seemed to think he could find the softer side of the Republicans.

There is no such thing. Obama spent too much time in this regard when the Repubs made it perfectly clear they would obstruct any measure he brought forth. An Israeli politician once said, if someone says they are going to kill you, believe them. The President should review all of the initiatives he wishes to implement in the next 4 years. In each case he should look at all of his options [ powers ] to accomplish same without having to deal with the Republican House. I would make a proposal to Congress and seek agreement. After a couple of weeks of obstuctionism by the Republican I’d shut the door and just go ahead. Who gives a shit?

Let em scream and watch FOX News to remain in their Bush Jr. I invite Herr Harper, his Fascist insiders along with Tom Flanagan and Ted Morton to travel Stateside to join the other righties in their bubble. And they all can live happily ever after in La La Land. And we can get on with building a vertically integrated / energy self sufficient democratic society that will be the envy of the world. We have the brains and all the tools necessary to finish the job.


I ‘ve been been watching Ted Opitz on TV since the Etobicoke seat was contested by Borys Wrzesnewskyj. Ted is a pathetic liar, one of Harper’s trained seals and he is covering up. Just listen to the crap he spouts .Opitz is obviously without a mind of his own because he is lying for Steve. Borys is a hero. He put himself through a year of hell and at great personal expense. He tried to stop our democracy from being stolen by the US oil cartel. I have watched Ted tell one lie after another and marveled that a person could mimic his boss word for word. There is an old saying about liars. They need to have good memories. But the junior liars around Herr Harper are an exceptional breed. They only need a Nietzsche recepticle in their heads to connect to. They have been trained to repeat the same stuff over and over once the right wing chip is inserted in their noggins, even if what they are saying will destroy the Canada we know. And them with it. They must be in constant rehearsals at Preston Manning’s Leo Strauss Academy which is dedicated to regime change. If you watch the CBC [ honest coverage ] [ will someone please tell Brian Lilley / Ezra LeRant of the Sun? ], on any major topic there are almost always MPs from the three Parties. The Fascist representatives always sticks to the official line come hell or high water and tries to shout down the NDP / Liberal MPs. On real contentious issues Harper doesn’t even send anyone but issues meaningless statements which come from La La Land. Steve live there in his own reality, has done so for almost 25 years. Thanks to Conrad Black providing Harper with cover for 25 years. You mean you didn’t know? That the PM doesn’t actually live among us. Harper inhabits a land where he can just make everything up and Black’s Post is still there to aid him. George Bush Jr. lives in the Land of La too. You can see where that took the Ruined States of America.